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February/March 2020

Andrea McKenna/ Cheryl Gross
Commit to Memory:
The Precipice of Extinction

Shown together the two artists create a potent arena for thought. How do we reconcile our impact on this fragile earth and what relationship, if any, is there between the here and the hereafter? Installed together as groups of separated work rather than intermixed, the apparent contrasts; technique, subject, execution, remain visible while creating a place of remembrance and loss. An unusual pairing, Cheryl Gross and Andrea McKenna have come together to create a celebration of the exuberance, tragedy and mystery of life and death here on this planet Earth.

Andrea Install 2.jpg

October/November/December 2019


Pursuing the examination of fairytales, bayard’s massive indoor and outdoor fiber sculptures scrutinize alternate brain function, dyslexia and social awkwardness in an attempt to better understand the human condition and the artist’s place within the human community.

Bayard 2.jpg
Bayard 3.jpg
Bayard 7.jpg

August/September 2019

Jill Scipione:Undoing History

A celebration and memorial to human existence rendered as forty-seven pencil portraits of anthropological specimens. As Jill says, "Perhaps, the simplest answer is to say that the skulls represent, for me, individuals. They represent the essential singularity of each life. Each one is as unique as a finger print. They represent a specific person who lived at a specific time and in a specific place. Like everyone, external experiences and factors shaped them, their lives. 


Jonathan Harris: SAGGITAL

September 2019

Jonathan Harris’s SAGITTAL is a series of static auditory scenes arranged to evoke an awareness in the listener of how we as individuals engage, psychologically and physically, with different acoustical spaces. Presented in conjunction with Jill Scipione: Undoing History, the work is directly inspired by Jill's drawings of skulls.


May/June 2019

Adam Pitt: Work Day/ After Hours

Work Day of long hours at the corporation, nervous, not accomplishing much but a paycheck, surrounded by other anxious people, reports, yelling bosses, deadlines, paperclips, computers, cell phones and unseen sweat. 


After hours the antithesis: a beautiful woman, bright colors,

natural textures and voluptuous form to wipe

away the work day. 

This Boss wants to control the world lar

February/March 2019

Winter Print Show

A comprehensive collection of local and international printmakers using high and low tech techniques to make: woodcuts, silkscreen, collagraph, monotype, etching, letterpress, rubber stamp, cyanotype, embossing, embroidery, sweet potato prints.

Four Artists.jpg


Laura Byrne

Deirdre Newman

Allison Conley

Belinda Chavasse

Wendy Setzer

Dan Peyton

Adam Pitt

Eileen Ferara

Bruno Nadalin

Barbara Seddon

Lauren Farber

Charlotte Marino

Javier Barrera

EFerara_blockprint+pencil+cutpaper_ 37x2
IMG_8993 (1).jpeg

October/November/December 2018

The Eonta Space Biennial

Speaking horticulturally, biennial encapsulates a two year cycle from spark to fruition.​

Here our concerns are not as concrete as germination through seed (followed by death), but merely a framework, both rigid and wildly loose, that may guide or interrupt our understanding.​

Preoccupations with daily life tend to blunt our greater revelations but art is always a doorway.

Biennial 3.jpg
Biennial 2.jpg

Andrea Mckenna

Anthony Roselli


Cheryl Gross

Dan Peyton

David French

Evan Laurence

James Pustorino

Jill Scipione

Jonathan Harris

Lauren Farber

Megan Klim

Meghan Mckee

Monika Zarzeczna

Steven Agin


Cabaret Sauvignon

Flying South Trio

Changing Modes

August/September 2018

the stuff without not here

a two person show exhibiting faunae, 3 site specific sound works by Jonathan Harris, and of there, a site specific sculpture installation by Monika Zarzeczna. The show is a dialogue about the unnaturalness of the natural world and the border between nature and construct, and aims to expose hidden and conceal  observable layers in physical and acoustical space, reorienting audiences’ connection to the present.


May/June 2018

Natalie Giugni: Bones of Flight

In this body of work, classical themes such as death and rebirth, resurrection, liberation, beauty, exploration and hope are examined in two and three dimensional works.   In “Bones of Flight” a new life is given to bits and pieces of birds and bones through Natalie Giugni’s deconstruction and abstraction of their imagery.

Background lighter.jpg

February/March 2018

Dan Peyton's WATTLE & DAUB

Self taught in early photographic chemistry and recently, basket making, Dan uses carpentry, sewing, natural products and defunct technologies to riff on themes of inter-connectedness and the passage of time.  Eonta Space is showing both studies and finished pieces to track ideas from concept to fruition. Is what we have here a planned, defined collection of artwork with plainly stated intentions or a mad, metaphoric maelstrom?


November/December 2017

Isabelle Garbani's MASS SUICIDE


Presented as a growing exhibition of our collective consumerist by-products (peanut styrofoam, plastic bags, bottle caps and any soft materials that can be used as ropes). Brought by members of the public to Eonta Space and fashioned into a jungle of trash ropes (one of the most common ways for people to commit suicide) MASS SUICIDE robustly reminds us that we consumers are unable to think long term about the well-being of our planet, thereby committing mass suicide.

August/September 2017

Bayard: 3 Baby Bears 3 (in five parts)

Bayard’s new installation at Eonta Space in Jersey City’s Journal Square neighborhood is a confluence of the traditional fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears and a decidedly modern drama. Crocheted quilts lie on their individual beds like piles of straw waiting to be spun into gold. Like all good fairytales, the answers are already familiar. We have only to use our imagination to unlock the mystery.  

3 Bears 3.jpg

May/June 2017

Steve Agin: A Survey

A retrospective show with paintings and drawings spanning over 40 years presented at Jersey City’s premiere salon, Eonta Space.

On view May 6th - June 30th, 2017

Jersey City Fridays Open House Friday June 2nd 6 - 9 pm

Steve Agin Painting.jpg
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